Issues Facing Morgan County

Inmate Feeding Program

The Inmate Feeding Progam, or "Food Fund" has recieved a lot of attention over the last 10 years. It continues to garner attention with ammendments being put forth to render a final conclusion. Unfortunately this attention takes away from the hard work of those in the department and the needs of those currently serving time. In addition, it has continued to negatively impact the reputation and image of Morgan County.

Having served the public for most of my life, I have managed publicly funded budgets, and have a personal commitment to proper stewardship. As Sheriff, the Inmate Feeding Program will no longer be an issue that distracts from the work of the Morgan County Sheriff's Department. Regardless of the outcome of current legislation in Montgomery, I believe the funds allocated to the Inmate Feeding Program should go toward their intended use. Any surplus funds would be reinvested in the program to insure proper use and appropriate nutrional standards.

Additionally, I believe fiscal responsibility and financial transparency dictate that a budget surplus is just as concerning as a budget shortfall. The budgeting process would need to be evaluated for any program surplus or shortfall to ensure the appropriate allocation of taxpayer funds. This lends itself to Financial Management and Transparency, another Issue addressed here.

It's time we put this issue behind us.


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