Issues facing Morgan County

The 2nd Amendment

I am a strong supporter and proponent of the rights afforded us under the 2nd amendment. It states clearly that we have the right to bear arms and that right “Shall not be infringed upon”. Due to current events, the topics of Gun Control, Mental Health, School and Public safety continue to populate the headlines and our conversations.  I believe the process of debate is healthy but can definitely state that my stance on gun ownership will not change. I believe a responsibly armed populace works in concert with law enforcement to deter crime.  Additionally, it affords the opportunity to defend ourselves and our rights.

Administratively, Alabama State Law requires a permitting process for those wanting to carry a handgun. As a sworn Law Enforcement Officer I am charged with upholding and enforcing the law. The power to change our laws remains with “we the people” as we elect and influence the state legislature.   As of today, the pistol permit, or tax is $20.00 per permit per year. Once in office I will review this process and examine where the funds are utilized. As long as the permit is required by Alabama State Law I will work to limit the impact of the cost and insure that any funds generated are clearly used to serve the people of Morgan County. Should Alabama State Law change, I will continue to uphold and enforce the law.

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